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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Account

How do I share a trip with someone else so they can buy tickets?

Throughout every stage of the booking process, there are 'share trip' buttons, which will generate a link that you can send to your friends which will allow them to book tickets for that trip.

Note that it is recommended that you share the trip after you’ve completed your booking, as the link will automatically populate the Group ID field to ensure Nauta knows you're together. If you need to access your Group ID or change your Group for a particular trip, you can do so in the 'My Trips' section of your profile.

How can I share tickets with someone else if I've bought more than one?

If you purchase multiple tickets for a trip, there will be a 'Transfer Tickets' button under the trip in the 'My Trips' section of your profile. Click that button and follow the instructions to transfer the tickets. If the person to whom you are transferring already has an account, they will be credited with the ticket immediately.

If they do not have an account, they will receive an email prompting them to create one and will be credited with the ticket upon completion.

Note that you are required to transfer any additional tickets you have purchased BEFORE the trip in order for them to be valid.

I've booked a trip, what happens next?

You will receive an email shortly following booking completion that contains all pertinent details, including confirmation, marina arrival and onboarding details, and associated trip information.

Onboard Experience

How does seating work? Do I have a designated seating area?

You and other members of your group will automatically be reserved a seating area on the deck together, but will also have access to other, public areas of the yacht, including parts of the interior

What onboard amenities come with my booking?

Onboard, you can expect catered small plates and shareable dishes, an open bar that includes wine (white and rosé), beer (craft, domestic, and imported), and a hand-picked selection of liquors (vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, and rum) as well as mixers and soft drinks, bottled water, and ice.

Your trip will be operated, at minimum, by a USCG-licensed captain and one to two stewards who will cater to your food, beverage, and general onboard experience. You may also have a security guard posted to your trip to ensure the safety of everyone onboard.

What if I’m late for my trip?

Trips are scheduled to leave the docks at the listed start time. Much like airlines, our yachts operate on a pre-set schedule and you should plan to arrive at the docks no later than 15 minutes prior to your trip’s start time.

While we cannot guarantee entry onto a yacht prior to your trip start time, you may be able to board and begin enjoying a welcome drink as early as 30 minutes prior to your trip start - although this is strictly up to the captain and crew.

Will other people, who aren't in my friend group, be onboard my trip?

In most cases, yes. By selling individual tickets instead of requiring full-yacht charters, Nauta makes it easier and more affordable to enjoy a superyacht experience. However, if you want to enjoy the yacht without other parties onboard and come across a trip that no one else has booked yet, you and your friends are more than welcome to buy out all of the tickets.

Additionally, there's the possibility a trip doesn't sell out, in which case your group may be the only people onboard.

What happens if there's bad weather?

Light showers and fast-changing weather patterns can easily occur in most of our locations. Thankfully, your yacht will have a beautiful and spacious interior. Unless the captain, crew or USCG determine weather conditions to be unsafe, trips will operate as planned. Attempts will be made to continue the trip, but if the inclement weather persists, you will be given the option of a refund or trip voucher.

What should I bring with me?

Make sure to bring a valid form of government issued ID (such as a passport or drivers license) and your ticket, which may be presented digitally (as it was sent to you) or printed out.

What should I make sure NOT to bring

Avoid bringing outside food or beverages, pets, anyone under the age of 21 (including yourself), illegal or illicit substances, or a bad attitude.

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

While we have no formal requirements, we ask that you dress in a smart casual or boating casual manner. Nauta is a luxury experience marketplace, and we will leave it to our Captains to determine whether attire is suitable (reasonably). You’re on a superyacht – dress up!

That being said, there are a few rules:
No shoes onboard. They will be collected on the dock and returned after the trip.
No tank tops, sweatpants, athletic clothes, or similar
When in doubt, consider what you'd wear meeting someone that impresses you.

Are there any rules or expectations regarding onboard behavior?

While we're ecstatic for you to enjoy superyacht experiences, we take onboard décor, behavior, and safety incredibly seriously – superyachts are effectively floating palaces and must be treated as such. We are all incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity onboard these superyachts and Nauta has a zero-tolerance policy for anything that causes our owners, their crew, their yachts, or your fellow passengers any discontent.

At all times while onboard the yacht, your Captain and crew must be listened to, followed, and respected. All we ask is for respect to them, your fellow passengers, and the yacht.

We have a one-strike policy that will apply to both you and your group. We leave complete discretion to our Captains to make these decisions. If a Captain reports any issues onboard, Nauta will immediately remove and ban any associated members from our platform – please don't make us do this.

Billing & Payments

What is your refund policy?

Should you wish to cancel your booking for any reason and request a refund, we will honor a 100% refund policy so long as your cancellation request is more than 96 hours in advance of your trip's start time. All sales are final within 96 hours of a trip's start time.

However, should you wish to reschedule at any time PRIOR to a trip start time, we will happily provide you with a voucher in the amount of your booking cost to book a separate trip at the time of your choice.

Do I need to tip the crew?

Tipping is not mandatory as our all-inclusive price allocates a portion of revenue to the crew for tips. That being said, our crew works incredibly hard to provide exemplary service onboard our luxury yachts so, should you wish to tip, the crew would certainly be appreciative!

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