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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Account

The start or end time I want isn't available in the dropdown menu. Why?

Generally, this means that the yacht you've selected is already booked during that window. Additionally, end time options are limited to allow only 2-to-8 hour trips.

I've booked a trip, what happens next?

You will receive an email shortly following booking completion that contains all pertinent details, including confirmation, marina arrival and onboarding details, and associated trip information. You can use the link provided in that email or the 'Share Trip' button under the trip on the 'Profile' page to invite your friends to join the trip.

How far in advance can I book?

You can instantly book any desired trip so long as it’s an available option shown while building your own trip.

Do you require a deposit to reserve or book a yacht?

Regardless of payment choice, we cannot hold or guarantee your time slot until payments of at least $1,000 (in total across your group) have been submitted and received.

Once at least $1,000 of payments have been received, Nauta will “reserve” your trip, meaning your trip’s times will be removed from our public availability and no 3rd party will be able to book your reserved times.

Once your trip is reserved, your group will have up to 48-hours in advance of your trip’s start time to complete 100% of your required payment amount. Please see the Billing & Payments section for more on this.

Onboard Experience

What if I’m late for my trip?

No problem – your crew will receive your group upon arrival to welcome you aboard. That said, given crew staffing and other party scheduling implications, your trip will not be able to be extended past your trip end time, and, as such, we strongly encourage you to plan for any traffic delays or similar.

What happens if there's bad weather?

Light showers and fast-changing weather patterns can easily occur in most of our locations. Thankfully, your yacht will have a beautiful and spacious interior. Unless the Captain or USCG determine weather conditions to be unsafe, trips will operate as planned. Attempts will be made to continue, but should it be necessary to cancel the trip, you will be given the option of a refund or trip voucher.

What should I bring with me?

Make sure to bring a valid form of government issued ID (such as a passport or drivers license) and your ticket, which may be presented digitally (as it was sent to you) or printed out.

Are there any rules or expectations regarding onboard behavior?

Avoid bringing outside food or beverages, pets, anyone under the age of 21 (including yourself), illegal or illicit substances, fireworks sparklers or any other incendiary device, glitter or cofetti, sternos or open-flame products, drones, or a bad attitude. Additionally, the captain may choose not to allow anything they deem unsafe, messy or environmentally unfriendly at their sole discretion. For full details please see Section 26 of our Terms & Conditions.

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

We recommend that you dress in a smart or boating casual manner. However, our owners have requested one rule – no shoes onboard, which will be collected and returned at the start and end of your trip.

What food and beverage options are available?

All cruises include individually bottled water, Pellegrino, coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, cranberry, and orange juices, and a base food and beverage package that includes an assortment of catered small plates and shareables (e.g., sandwiches and wraps, vegetable, meat, and cheese platters) and an open bar that includes wine (white and rosé), beer (craft, domestic, import), and a hand-picked selection of liquors (vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, and rum).

Should you desire any add-ons, please contact us on any specific requests (e.g., private chef or buffet meals), and we will happily send you a Catering Menu of available options. For those who would like to bring refreshments (or have dietary or allergy concerns), please similarly reach out, and we will work with you to prepare in advance!

Billing & Payments

What is your refund policy?

Nauta will refund all group payment methods on file, in a pro rata amount, for the amount charged less our standard Stripe payment processing fees (2.9% for debit or credit cards and 0.8% for ACH) and the $1,000 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your trip time.

If the booking is for a monetized event, the entire $1,000 deposit will be deducted from the event host's refund. Otherwise, the deposit deduction will be divided proportionately according to how much each individual paid towards the charter. If the group never reached the threshold of $1,000 in payments to fully reserve their time, there will be no deduction to the refund for a deposit (however, Stripe processing fees will still be deducted).

I've booked a trip, how long do I have for everyone in my group to pay?

If you’ve paid for the entire group upfront – you’re good to go – just make sure everyone has joined your trip via your shareable link PRIOR to your trip start (at no cost). For legal reasons, every person must formally join your trip group, facilitated by your Nauta-provided shareable link.

If you are NOT paying for the entire group upfront, 100% of payments must be received no later than 48-hours in advance of your trip start time. In the event 100% of payments have not been made 72-hours in advance, Nauta will message your account email on file with the option to either (A) pay the outstanding, uncollected amount or (B) cancel the trip. Please note that should you wish to pay the outstanding, uncollected amount, in-full payment must be made within 24 hours, or your trip will automatically be cancelled.

Do I need to tip the crew?

Tipping is not mandatory as our all-inclusive price allocates a portion of revenue to the crew for tips. That being said, our crew works incredibly hard to provide exemplary service onboard our luxury yachts so, should you wish to tip, the crew would certainly be appreciative!

Onboard Menu Options

For additional food and beverage requests, beyond the base, open bar package, email us at



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