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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Nauta unique?

Nauta makes it easy to quickly book luxury yacht day charters – no manual back & forth with brokers, no settling costs after the fact, and no need to handle food, beverage or water toys separately. We are the all-in-one, fully automated, and frictionless solution this industry has been missing.

How do I book a yacht on Nauta?

Nauta makes yacht bookings a breeze regardless of whether you’re a first-time charterer, seasoned charterer, and everyone else in-between! First, choose the location where you want to charter. Next, select whether you’d like to “Browse Yachts” (industry standard method) or utilize “Budget First Booking” (a Nauta exclusive).

What does 'Browse Yachts' mean?

"Browse Yachts" means you will be presented with available yachts in your selected area. Pick the yacht you want and build your trip exactly as you want it via the on-screen prompts.

What is 'Budget First Booking'?

"Budget First Booking" is one of Nauta’s industry-first innovations. This AI-driven tool allows customers to skip the needless scrolling and effort to charter yachts and create fulsome experiences. Have a budget in mind but don’t know exactly what you want? Perfect – this is the method for you. First, select from the dropdown field the number of people desired to be on your trip. Next, you are presented with a field to input your dollar budget and a dropdown to say whether this budget is per person or per charter (trip). Once input, tap “Generate Trips” and allow our platform to suggest the best options for that budget with a guarantee that any option selected will come in at or under your selected budget. For each available option, you will see what is included in that pre-packaged trip within your desired budget, such as duration, marina location, food catering option, and bar menu option. Select “Customize & Book” and follow the on-screen prompts to check out! Additionally, you can use the “Filter Results” button to provide specificity around any specific desires and immediately be presented with all available packages that fall under those parameters!

What’s the difference between 'Book a Charter Now' and 'Set up an RSVP'?

"Book a Charter Now" allows you to set up and pay for a charter trip now to lock that trip in.
"Set up an RSVP" is another of Nauta’s industry-first innovations. This option allows you to configure a charter experience exactly the same as 'Book a Charter Now' but in place of paying now, you will receive a shareable link that can be texted or emailed to anyone you’d like to join on your trip, which provides them with all relevant pre-configured trip details, including the price required of each person should the group achieve sufficient RSVP’s for the trip to be booked. Opening the shareable link, they can tap 'RSVP Now' and will be shown on-screen with all others that have RSVP’ed at that point in time. Once the number of passengers selected in your pre-configured trip have RSVP’ed, all those that have RSVP’ed will receive an email with a link to pay their portion of the price shown. Once the total cost required of your trip is received, your trip be locked in and you’re all set!

What’s the deal with catering?

You are given the option to add food catering to your trip or forego catering and bring your own food (if desired). Another industry-first offering – and we’re excited about this one for what it provides our customers that desire catering. We interviewed 10+ catering companies, and following, Nauta created a strategic partnership with Soflo Chefs to provide our customers with world-class catering services and high-quality offerings across a range of price points. You will be presented with 4 “tiers” of offerings, which are priced on a per-person basis. Depending on your selection, you will be presented with course menu offerings to select a pre-set number of options. As part of Nauta’s commitment to creating luxury experiences for all, our entry option is $32 per person and provides you options to select 5 “Savory” options ranging from a Charcuterie Platter to Harissa-Spiced Lamb Meatballs and 2 “Sweet” options ranging from a Dark Chocolate Brownie to Arroz con Leche. Should you have any requests, notes, allergies, or dietary restrictions, you are presented with an input field, which will be delivered to your chefs and handled through Nauta.

What’s the difference between the catering options?

Our top choice is known as the “Executive Experience” whereby Soflo Chefs and servers will present you with appetizers upon boarding and during the beginning of your trip while a certified mixologist serves you personalized cocktails before they serve you an elegant, plated dinner on a luxurious tablescape.

Next is the “Enhanced Experience”, which includes a full-service, plated dinner from an onboard chef and server.

The “Standard Experience” serves the same incredible food but skips the onboard staff – passing the torch to your yacht’s stews after setting up a luxurious buffet-style service.

“Assorted Appetizers” is a package created specifically for Nauta yacht charters, and is the perfect option for anyone who wants to savor a taste of luxury without centering their trip around a sit-down meal.

What’s the deal with alcohol?

You are given the option to add alcohol delivery to your trip or forego delivery and bring your own beverages (if desired). Another industry first-offering, Nauta has partnered with Drizly (acquired by Uber) to deliver alcohol directly to your yacht (received by your crew). Choose across a “Custom Order” selection, whereby you tell us your budget, what you want, and a Drizly concierge member will fulfill for you, a “Beer & Wine” selection, whereby you choose between a preset menu of beer, seltzer, and wine options for a fixed price, or a “Full Bar” selection, whereby you choose between a preset menu of liquor, beer, seltzer, and wine options for a fixed price. If desired, you can also select the option for a professional mixologist from Soflo Chefs to join your trip – creating a premium, personal bartender for any and all cocktail desires!

What happens to the welcome message I write in the 'Personalize' section of booking?

Have a 30th birthday party you want to surprise your friends with, celebrate that festive Halloween yacht party, or otherwise add a personal touch to your yacht experience invitation? This is your opportunity to do so. No longer will you have to create a group text to explain your plans – let Nauta handle it, you just need to show up! If you add a personal message or description to your trip, it will appear, when and if, you desire to share your trip for purposes of inviting others you wish to join your yacht experience. The message will replace the yacht’s brief description on the 'Trip' page – which is particularly relevant for 'Split Costs' trips, where your friends will have to visit the page to complete their payments.

Why am I asked to pay gratuity upfront? Why is it sometimes required and sometimes it isn’t?

Whether upfront gratuity is required is determined on a yacht-by-yacht basis by the owner. Often, even when it’s not required, our customers will tip some portion of the final, intended tip at the time of booking, such as 5%-10%. This is a good faith measure to show your crew that, while your final, total tip will be dependent on their care of your group during your trip, you recognize the efforts they undertake to ensure your trip is memorable. For reference, a standard tip for a yachting crew is 15-20% of the base yacht price (which can be found in the breakdown of your final, itemized cost breakdown at checkout).

What is the deal with the different payment options?

"Pay Upfront" means you pay the full cost of the charter experience now, allowing your group to join for free.

"Split Costs Evenly" means the total trip costs are split evenly amongst your group, and you're asked to pay your share of the trip at such time (to be provided with a shareable link for the rest of your group to pay and view the soft-reserved booking).

"Custom Split" means you pay a self-determined portion of the total costs with the remainder split evenly amongst your remaining group members.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be completed via credit card or ACH. Credit cards provide the benefit of Apple Pay or stored card information but include a 2.9% administrative fee charged to Nauta and passed through us by our service provider. ACH payment is capped at a $5 max administrative fee.

After Booking

What happens after I’ve booked a 'Pay Now' trip?

You’re all set! You’ll receive an email with all the relevant trip details and a unique, shareable link to the trip’s page, which you can use to invite your friends and easily pass along the details to them. You can also find the trip’s page in the 'My Trips' section of the 'Profile' page.

What happens after I’ve booked a 'Split Costs' or 'Custom Split' trip?

You’ll receive an email with all the relevant trip details and a unique, shareable link to the trip’s page, which you can use to invite your friends. This page will present all the trip’s relevant details and give an option for your friends to pay for their spot. You can also find the trip’s page in the 'My Trips' section of the 'Profile' page. Once enough of your friends have paid to cover the costs of your trip (which is based on the number of passengers you selected while booking), you’re all set!

What happens after I’ve booked an 'RSVP' trip?

You’ll receive an email with all the relevant trip details and a unique, shareable link to the trip’s page, which you can use to invite your friends. This page will present all the trip’s relevant details and give an option for your friends to RSVP “Yes”. Once enough of your friends have RSVP’d (determined by the number of passengers you selected while booking), the trip will convert into a 'Split Costs' trip and everyone will receive a notification email with a link to pay (on the same trip page that everyone used to RSVP).

What happens if I’ve booked a 'Split Costs', 'Custom Split', or 'RSVP' trip but not enough people join?

We’ll reach out to you as your trip’s date approaches to check in on the progress of rallying your friends. If you can’t get everyone to commit, we’ll give you the option to cover the costs and make up the difference or cancel the trip.

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