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Nauta lets you quickly and seamlessly book, manage and share 4-to-8 hour luxury social experiences by yourself or with friends, at unprecedented, all-inclusive prices,  onboard superyachts

Nauta’s exists to shatter pre-conceived notions of what is and is not possible in life. Our mission is to bring you into a world of luxury that had always been built on exclusivity - being reserved for only the rich and famous.

We weren't born into this industry, but in 2021, we had an opportunity to splurge on and split the cost of a superyacht day charter with friends to see what this life is all about, and we have yet to look back since. Along the way, we found that this industry operated behind the times and was ripe for disruption. While superyachts represent the pinnacle of success, the industry providing access to them desperately needed fresh ideas and modern technology that could allow us to share that same unforgettable joy we so strongly felt with others like you.

The result is Nauta  - welcoming you not only onboard our superyachts, but into a new lifestyle of unparalleled luxury.

- Alex O'Neill, Co-founder & CEO

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