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Just answer a few simple questions, and we'll put together your perfect yachting experience.


First, when would you like to go, and how many people are in your group?

Second, how much are you looking to spend?

Would you prefer to focus on investing in a longer trip or the nicest possible yacht?

I want to be on the water for as long as possible

I'm fine with a shorter trip if it means I can afford the best boat

Let's make sure your yacht is easy to get to.

A short ride to the marina is important to me

I'm fine with spending a little more time in the Uber

How important is food on your yacht?

Food would be nice to have, but I don't need it

I'd like some food onboard

I'd like a full meal onboard

Does your group enjoy a drink?

We don't drink

We're light drinkers

We enjoy having a few

What do you like to drink?

Whatever you're pouring

Top shelf or bust

Note: Your answers to these questions help our AI prioritize what trip is best for you, but you'll still be shown a variety of options

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Catering Option

No results found for the given parameters. Consider increasing your budget.


95' Couach


$15,555 per charter


4 hours


Executive Tasting Experience: Soflo Chefs and servers pass appetizers while a certified mixologist serves drinks before an elegant, plated dinner on a luxurious tablescape


Pelican Harbor

(4 Miles Away)

Bar Budget


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